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What Google says
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Google ranks DistyMan pages 60 - 580% faster than the websites of industry giants, as shown to the right. Typical websites reflect the technology widely-adopted at the time they were created. Assuming a 12 month design cycle, most sites are at least one year behind the technology curve - before they even launch.
DistyMan being a platform, remains focused on emerging technologies and continual platform growth.  Our sites will always be ahead of the curve to surpass even the greatest of competitors.

its your information,
managed effectively


The CO$T of a
Slow Page Load

  • Search Engine spiders are allotted with limited time to crawl and index your site, leaving many pages off of the search listings.
  • Slower pages are penalized by search engines algorithms for providing a less-than-optimal visitor experience.
  • For every 1 second increase to page load, bounce and conversion rates worsen by as much as 20%.

  • Frustrated visitors are 88% likely to never return.

AI Optimized Database, Compression and Caching

DistyMan utilizes AI to select the optimal database structure and caching method for your site, in combination with state-of-the-art hosting:

    • LiteSpeed Architecture – 5 x Faster than Linux
    • 16 Dual-Core Processors + 2 Terrabytes of RAM
    • 10 Gigabyte per Second Ports
    • Sucuri Firewall + RAID 5 Back-Up
    • Proprietary Cloud Army compression software
    • Advanced Content Delivery Network

This approach is proven to support >50 million parts while maintaining less than 3-second page loads.


Easy Maintenance


Usability is just as critical to "site editors" as it is to "site visitors".  Here are just a few ways we have optimized our maintenance processes to suppprt the novice design / content management team:

  • Import / export  / automation with Data Manager
  • Curated data library of 16 million+ parts from Open Data
  • One-click edit for easy update / fixing content
  • Drag and drop page builders
  • Multiple category /  page  layouts to choose from
  • Easy to clone and release "new designs"
  • Online documentation & training videos
  • 24 / 5 support from USA, New Delhi and Jordan

White Papers


An extensive look at how DISTiMAN offers twcie the SEO value of leading on-line competitors.


Why DISTiMAN is Better than Newark's Website

A deep dive analyzing how DISTiMAN compares a $1.5 billion company website from Newark Electronics


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A comparison Mouser's website, a $1.85 billion distributor, versus DISTiMAN and one content manager's efforts.


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How DISTiMAN outperforms the website from the world's largest distributor of electronic components, Arrow.


Case Studies

A review of the before / after design results for MWC.

Why DISTiMAN excels while others fail
Studying the results with a before / after comparison of APS web designs.

Studying the results relating to Cofan's website re-design using DISTiMAN.

Studying the great improvements offered by the DISTiMAN Installation.
Studying the great improvements offered by the DISTiMAN Installation.

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