Copyright Information & Disclaimer

It is an offence to copy or plagiarize the content, text, company logo, graphics etc. These are again our company’s property and is secured under the copyright law. It is strictly prohibited to use them without any prior written permission from DistyMan.

Also, the sole purpose of our demo sites is to let our customer know how the software would function after implementation, and using its content (graphics/images/text), again, is an offense.

Please NOTE that:
The company won’t be liable for any kind of damage (direct/ indirect /special/ incidental /consequential) caused due to inappropriate usage or the inability to use the product.
DistyMan products are not guaranteed to work on 3rd party plugins as there are too many modules, plugins, and components to support.

There is no warranty with the free version of DistyMan, other plugins and extensions.

We don’t guarantee that our extensions/module/plugin will work on all the browsers, so, please check your browser compatibility before use.

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