Design Focused versus Enterprise Design

95% of business websites fail, causing a re-design cycle of 18-30 Months*. Businesses tend to focus only on design and are left wondering why each new design does note not deliver expected results.

This “design-focus” overlooks key elements of an Enterprise-Level Design and further compounded by the perceived cost, time and risk related of such an endeavor. The cost / time / effort expended would extend the life of a web site and produce financial rewards that offset the investment and generates true income.

An Enterprise-Level site for Manufacturers and Distributors should meet the needs of: Managers to add your company to the AVL; Engineers who specify your products; and Buyers that place orders.

Most websites are so focused on the design that they underperform on content, usability, page load speeds, conversion and Search engine optimization. These problems persist in each new re-design due to a lack of understanding or ability to fund such efforts.

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