Refund Policy

You, our Customers, are valuable assets to DistyMan and it’s our prime motto to see that your needs are met.We constantly try to make sure that you are satisfied with our products and services. You need not worry if the product, support and services are found to be faulty or are having a hard time using it. Our refund policy is always in place.
All you have to do is submit your queries/ problems on our forums so that our fantastic support team can aid you at the earliest. In case the extension is damaged, it’s a request that you tag along the link or screenshot of the same which will be further sent to our bug squad.

With utmost transparency towards our customers, these conditions under refund policy have been set.
The product will be considered for refund / returns only if

  • The product is completely non-operational.
  • You have reported your issue on the forum and didn’t get any support within 48 working hours.
  • The products actual and vital description was misguiding.
  • Issue reported is a bug and support team has not provided client with justified timelines to fix the bugs.

If these are met the customer is eligible to request for the refund.

However, the customer’s right to request a refund will NOT be acknowledged in case he/she:

  • Has mistakenly purchased or already downloaded the product.
  • Doesn’t allow our support team to gain access to the website and investigate the problem with the product.
  • Has already finalized on the item/ subscription and then having a change of mind.
  • Has reported no single genuine issue on our forum within 7 days of the purchase date.
  • Has been charged for a discounted product and has been given a discount/cashback on purchased product.
  • Has reported an issue related to training or non-development process.
  • If refund case is open in any third party payment gateway, like PayPal. 

Full or partial refund will be entertained within 7 business days. It will apply from the very moment the member makes the payment. However, the company holds the right to interrogate the customer regarding the refund and has the right to refuse the refund request as well, If called for.

Also, note that:

  • You can opt for account cancellation at any time, but the refund for the same will not be considered or company is not liable for it.
  • After receiving your refund you are not entitled to use the product any further.
  • We may equalize the degraded value of the product with the amount of your refund, in case the product is still damaged after an update.
  • You can get refunds within 20 working days in your account.

The above refund policy is applicable to all our products/ subscription and services as well. For further information, please feel free to contact us.

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