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Ready to launch website for Electronic, Electro mechanical distributers & manufacturers with Reorder Magnets!!


Website with RFQs & Reorder Magnets

Launch in a Snap

Time is money, and you can save lots of it with our ready-to-go Web platform. Get-Set-Launch

Get Lots of RFQs

Website is flow is optimized to capture customer details and requirements. lead magnets

Customer Pricing Contracts

Upload your pricing contracts on your website, and your website will handle the rest.

Customer Credit Limits

Sync up your customer account numbers and what the credit limit should be for each one of them.

15 Minute Inventory upload

Upload your inventory or products you are dealing with in just 15 Min. Get-Set-Launch

Search Engine Magnets

Our search engine's welcoming structure motivates them to show your parts on Google.

Net 30 terms

Your customers love Net 30, and so does your website loves taking order on Net 30.

Tax Rates & Certificates

Built in updated Tax rates for all the Zips along with Tax certificate management for tax free orders.

Optimized to perform

The platform is auto-optimized for heavy traffic protected by multiple layers of firewalls.

Configurable Products

The platform is auto-optimized for heavy traffic protected by multiple layers of firewalls.

Scheduled Orders

Build an order pipeline, get scheduled orders from your customers, and stay future ready.

Multiple Payment methods

Net 30, Credit, Debit Cards, Google, Apple Pay etc. for Small over the counter orders. 

White Papers

An extensive look at how DISTiMAN offers twcie the SEO value of leading on-line competitors.

A deep dive analyzing how DISTiMAN compares a $1.5 billion company website from Newark Electronics

A comparison Mouser's website, a $1.85 billion distributor, versus DISTiMAN and one content manager's efforts.

How DISTiMAN outperforms the website from the world's largest distributor of electronic components, Arrow.

Case Studies

A review of the before / after design results for MWC.

Studying the results with a before / after comparison of APS web designs.

Studying the results relating to Cofan's website re-design using DISTiMAN.

Studying the great improvements offered by the DISTiMAN Installation.


Specially Crafted for Component industry

Every hour we spend in the office, we have only one mission: to create a perfect website for the component industry, which can help your marketing team get more business.

Our websites have all the tools required to keep your customers glued, from deep integration with your ERP to Deep integration with Google. Or to make the user experience super smooth in finding the information he is looking for, Distyman Web Suite is always focused on every aspect, which can make your visitor’s experience a cakewalk.

We invest Woooping 50% on R&D

Distyman invests 50% in R&D to make sure our software is always ready for the rapidly changing digital curve.

We make sure that customers using our software are always ahead of the competition and ahead of time. 

Websuite has a dedicated R&D department, as soon as we identify a potential module helpful for the industry, or Google plans to launch a change in algorithm, our teams create a new version and roll it out for all our customers. 


Save years of time with Websuite

We have already done it for you. 

We have worked with the Component industry for decades and understand the requirements from designs to modules, what works and what does not. 

We can also quickly adapt and change requests, suggestions, and anything specific to your business. 

AI Optimized Database, Compression and Caching

DistyMan utilizes AI to select the optimal database structure and caching method for your site, in combination with state-of-the-art hosting:

  • LiteSpeed Architecture – 5 x Faster than Linux
  • 16 Dual-Core Processors + 2 terabytes of RAM
  • 10 gigabytes per Second Ports
  • Multiple Firewalls + RAID 5 Back-Up
  • Proprietary compression and optimisation on the fly.
  • Advanced Content Delivery Network

This approach is proven to support >50 million parts while maintaining less than 3-second page loads.


Easy Maintenance

Usability is just as critical to “site editors” as it is to “site visitors”. Here are just a few ways we have optimized our maintenance processes to support the novice design / content management team:

  • Import / export  / automation with Data Exchange
  • Curated data library of 16 million+ parts from Open Product Data
  • One-click edit for easy update / fixing content
  • Drag and drop page builders
  • Multiple category /  page  layouts to choose from
  • Easy to clone and release “new designs”
  • Online documentation & training videos
  • 24/5 support from USA and New Delhi

What Google says about our web pages

Google ranks DistyMan pages 60 – 580% faster than the websites of industry giants, as shown to the right. Typical websites reflect the technology widely adopted at the time they were created. Assuming a 12 month design cycle, most sites are at least one year behind the technology curve before they even launch.

DistyMan being a platform, remains focused on emerging technologies and continual platform growth. Our sites will always be ahead of the curve to surpassing even the greatest of competitors.


The CO$T of a Slow Page Load

  • Search Engine spiders are allotted with limited time to crawl and index your site, leaving many pages off of the search listings.

  • Slower pages are penalized by search engines algorithms for providing a less-than-optimal visitor experience.

  • For every 1 second increase to page load, bounce and conversion rates worsen by as much as 20%.

  • Frustrated visitors are 88% likely to never return.

Fast search which leads to RFQs

  • Parametric Search
  • Quick Part number search
  • Filters & Sorting
  • No page refresh RFQ Carts 
  • Sample requests

We have provided all thoughtful tools which blend perfectly with your marketing strategy for lots of RFQs

Talk to our sales team today for Demo


From RFQ to Order

When RFQ is received, it can be quoted, customer can review and accept/reject it. Once accepted, the customer can order right from Distiman Websuite at the special pricing and MOQ mentioned in the quote. 

The special pricing is good until the quotes are valid. 

Customers can place orders on Net 30 terms or directly by paying by CC. They can schedule the orders if allowed. 

Upcoming Due orders pending fulfillment or payment due can be reconciled, filtered, and printed.

All the above with Blazing API builder and connected with other Websuite products. 

Hosted On Cloud

Websuite by Distyman is hosted on the cloud and is always available to access 24x7x365 without worrying about servers and IT infrastructure, its scalable when and where you need. Request access to Websuite to amplify the experience of your online users, empower them by access to information when they need it quickly, swiftly and cost effectively.


Frequently Asked Questions

It generally takes upto 1-2 weeks if your product data is ready with proper taxonomy. Launch time may increase in case business  have very special requirement in terms of design, or the approval or availability of customer is limited.

For Distyman Web Suite, the minimum contract period is One year. 

Websuite subscriptions are charged on month to month basis, we go over and above to help you succeed. Still If you are not satisfied by our services you can ask us to cancel the subscription at the end of contract period, We do not offer refunds at the moment. 

Distyman websuite has standard design, which can be easily configured to match your brand identity with few changes of logos etc. Change of brand colors, logos with training to your staff how to manage it in future is part of our setup process. 

We expect that subscribers will have a person inhouse to manage the design, upload any content, or upload the product information. 

In case any inhouse resource is not available we can provide a resource at an additional cost which can be on need basis on hourly or monthly billing. 

Yes, upto 5000 Parts you can connect Open Product library for free, after that Open product library subscription will be charged. 

Websuite Auto renew contracts for One year, you can ask for cancelation of your subscription, and subscription will cancel at the end of contract.

SEO has different aspects, it is combination of
On Page: how the website code is written, and weather the whole website code and structure is welcoming to searchengines. Search engines also give importance to the usability of your website for end user, if its fast enough, if its mobile friendly etc.

Off Page: How much your website is liked by others. 

Websuite is developed in a way that it gives best out puts in onpage part of SEO and thus our websites are usually very SEO friendly in onpage terms. .. Why we have used Usually? because Distyman websuite is a tool to deliver best outputs, but still it depends how our tool is used, thus it is very much in hands of the seo consultant if they are using distyman in the right way. 

We also keeps distyman upto date whenever Google plans to launch new version of their crawling and ranking softwares, You can be sure that if there is something which is best its Distyman websuite

Websuite is a tool to create a website with best SEO practises, and with modules which will lead to most satisfactory user experience for component industry, your marketing team can use it to create a website which can rank in top pages of google. 
Because we do not control lots of aspects of ranking in top positions thus we can not guarantee for top positions, rest assured that most of our users are enjoying top positions for their choice of part numbers. 

Websuite can definitely assure your user a good experience and trust that they are working and interacting with a responsible and good company, which definitely lead to more RFQs or leads. 

But Guarantee, no we do not guarantee increased RFQ and leads, as its more than website which encourage users to send RFQs. 

Our Users

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Our Transparent Pricing

Speak with your DistyMan representative to discuss websites with more than 100,000 Documents.

Starter Platform

For the enterprise with less than 500 parts.

Paid Annually
Annual Contract
$1500 One Time Setup

Basic Platform

For the enterprise with less than 10,000 Parts

Paid Monthly
Annual Contract
$1500 One Time Setup

Premium Platform

For the enterprise with up to 25,000 Parts

Paid Monthly
Annual Contract
$1500 One Time Setup

Gold Platform

For the enterprise with up to 50,000 Parts

Paid Monthly
Annual Contract
$1500 One Time Setup

Platinum Platform

For the enterprise with up to 100,000 Parts

Paid Monthly
Annual Contract
$1500 One Time Setup

Speak with your DistyMan representative to discuss websites with more than 100,000 parts.

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