Data Exchange

Fetch your inventory, read the contract, add markups/discounts, analyse current and future orders and share inventory; pricing, the way you like with your supply chain, website, API etc.


its your information, Shared effectively

Drag Drop API

Develop your company API by drag drop builder, the days of hiring software agencies are gone!!!!

Real time Shares

Your supply chain can fetch your inventory, pricing, orders or anything in Real time.

We do it for you

We configure and setup your initial connections and onboard your stakeholders at the same time train someone at your end.

Connect any Software

Sync up your customer account numbers and what the credit limit should be for each one of them.

Your Data Your Rules

This is your data, and your supply chain, you can define your own Data governance rules.

Multiple format support

Be it CSV, JSON, Flat files, MYSQL, it supports multiple ingestion types.

Source to Target

Connect to any data source be it SAP, Flat file, SQL or API, merge multiple source and send it to any target be it Email, API.

End to End Support

We support your Supply chain at no extra cost. If they need technical help in using your Data exchange.

Extendable by Plugins

Program yours plugins independently, run them on your own servers to connect and transform sensitive information.

Prevent Future Attacks

We safely remove any malicious code in your website file system and database.

Pricing in Budget

Fetch your inventory, read the contract, add markups/discounts.

If this happens do this

Data exchange can trigger tasks on events. Example If Price changes by x% Notify Customer.

One simple tool to connect them all

Data Manager is the Swiss Army Knife solution to an array of challenges that businesses face every day collecting and sharing data with unlimited array of possibilities.  Consider all the information your company must share inside your own company as well as manufacturing partners, vendors, suppliers, sales channel and customers all using different softwares with differing input and output requirements.  .

Data Manager allows you to the map data with a simple drag and drop interface. Each mapping is saved for repeated use, even assign a CRON jobs or connect via API. Now all your data and softwares can finally be connected.


Distribute Inventory, Pricing or any XYZ information

Want to move information? Data exchange is your go-to platform. 

Step1: Connect your data source, just select from an already available source or create your own data exchange source connector.

Step2: Connect your data Target, either select from already available targets including SQL, Flat file, SAP or write your own “Data exchange target connector” to send data in the way you want, wherever you want.

Step3: Map and design your data; Drag and drop data mapper helps to determine which source data should reach in what structure to your Target. 

Step4: Define your filters and rules: Want to send only a particular range of information to your customer? or apply a discount or margin? just select your information filter rules. You can write your own filter rules. 

Step 5: Define delivery methods & Access control of your Data exchange template: Accessible only by a particular customer? or to be delivered by email? or to be consumed by your Mobile Desktop Apps? 

Have questions? We are ready to answer and schedule a meeting.

Real time or on particular intervals

Data exchange supports information distribution in Real-time latency of 500 milliseconds. 

Do not have real-time distribution needs? No problem, just schedule your information distribution templates to run either on particular intervals or on particular events, like sending information only when inventory changes. 


Drag drop API builder

Integrate your software with our robust and simple APIs.
Data exchange provides Drag and drops API builder to fetch your information. 

Once your information distribution template is ready by connecting source and Target the delivery mechanism can be Data exchange API. 

API can be designed separately by drag and drop and customized from the interface.

API protection, rate limiting, Logging, API firewall, Caching, and API real-time optimization are all inherent features of Data exchange API builder.

Schedule a meeting to see it in action.

Hosted On Cloud

Data Exchange by Distyman is hosted on the cloud and is always available to access 24x7x365 without worrying about servers and IT infrastructure, its scalable when and where you need. Request access to Data exchange today to seamlessly move inventory information or any data between the one who do not compromise on delays.


Our Transparent Pricing

Speak with your DistyMan representative to discuss websites with more than 100,000 Documents.


5 Exchange templates
2 Data Sources
5 Data Targets
30 Day Data logs
No API Builder

Paid Monthly
Annual Contract
$2500 One Time Setup


10 Exchange templates
4 Data Sources
10 Data Targets
90 Day Data logs
API Builder

Paid Monthly
Annual Contract
$3500 One Time Setup


40 Exchange templates
6 Data Sources
40 Data Targets
6 Month Data logs
API Builder

Paid Monthly
Annual Contract
$3500 One Time Setup


100 Exchange templates
10 Data Sources
100 Data Targets
12 Month Data logs
API Builder

Paid Monthly
Annual Contract
$5000 One Time Setup

User onboarding

Every onboarding

Paid Monthly
Annual Contract
$1500 One Time Setup

Speak with your DistyMan representative to discuss websites with more than 100,000 parts.

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