DISTiMAN Launched – E-catalog / E-commerce Platform for Manufacturers and Distributors

Sellacious recently launched DISTiMAN, an e-catalog / e-commerce website platform designed specifically for the Manufacturing and Distribution industry. 

DISTiMAN is a pre-engineered website platform that has been in development for nearly 5 years and condensing decades of experience in the manufacturing and distribution industry.  Their new marketing website has white papers that compare DISTiMAN to industry giants like Arrow, Mouser and Newark. The platform boasts a 3X improvement in Usability, up to 2X improved on-page SEO value and up to 38% faster page load speeds. Recent sites with >10,000 parts have gone live with less than 40 hours of effort in December, and are already garnering #1 positions for their product categories.

DISTiMAN is offered at a low cost of only $750 per month offering a field-proven solution to web design, removing the guesswork relating to performance and cost.  Request a guided demo at


DISTiMAN is an engineered website platform, the product satisfies the website needs of manufacturers and distributors.  This website product condenses 3 decades of industry experience and 5 years of development into an out-of-the-box solution that can be configured and populated quickly and easily.  Recent designs took less than 40 hours of content / design effort while achieving best in class usability, optimization and page load speeds.

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